Your Next Binge-Watch: Are You the One?

I've written about my love for the podcast "Rose Buddies", a Bachelor/ette fancast hosted by Griffin and Rachel McElroy. In the months between the last season of The Bachelor and the latest season of The Bachelorette (which will be getting its own separate post as it is the greatest entertainment), Griffin and Rachel dove into the world of other reality dating shows, like Flavour of Love and Paradise Hotel 2. Neither of those particularly appealed to them, and they were sorely missing their beloved Bachelor franchise... until they watched Are You the One?

Are You the One? is an MTV dating show that has 10 guys and 10 girls try and figure out if they'd know who their soulmate is if that person was right in front of them. After extensive psychological tests (plus talking to friends, families and exes), each contestant is looking for their "one" or their match, out of the contestants of the opposite sex. They have 10 chances to get all of their matches correct, and if they do, they get love... and a lot of money.

This show is interesting (and highly addictive) because there are no eliminations. That means we get to learn a whole lot about these contestants and just why they would have chosen to sign up for a reality show like this one. There's backstabbing, petty fights, a whole lot of smooching (and more), and so many bad decisions. It's entertainment at its finest. I watched the third season (the one that Griffin and Rachel watched) and the contestants were so hormone-fueled and just tragically inept at the game, I couldn't stop watching. All of the episodes are available on