The Big Fat Quiz of Everything is Back... Every Week!

One of the things I most look forward to a the end of every year is knowing that there will be a new The Big Fat Quiz of the Year waiting for me, 2 hours of rollicking fun and trivia, brought to us by England's finest comedians and hosted by Jimmy "seal-laugh" Carr. The show has three teams of two, and the quiz is separated into categories like music, sports, and world events that all occurred within that year.

Though there have been specials that aired throughout the calendar year, the show mostly boils down to a one-off. Until now. The Big Fat Quiz of Everything is a new series that is airing once a week. The format is the same, but the quiz is more general, spanning all of space and time. It remains absolutely hysterical and feels like Christmas has literally come early. Here's the first episode of the new series. Be warned: you may fall out of your chair. Not to be watched in public where you will look like you're having convulsions.