Make Working Out More Bubbly With Blogilates

I'm not a gym person. I've tried, many, many, many times to be. But I'm just not. I feel self-conscious (everyone looks so much thinner and stronger than me!), I have to actually leave my apartment to get there (but why, though?), and I hate to say it, but I am stupidly intimidated by the bros who lift. All that to say, I've figured out better ways to exercise for me, which includes going to a weekly bootcamp, held by an amazing trainer. But what about when I'm home? I waffle between a few different series of YouTube videos, but this month, I'm all about Blogilates' August Workout Calendar. 

I've been following Cassey Ho's workouts for a couple of years, on and off, and right now I'm on. I need her excitement to keep me going, I like her short videos so I never feel overwhelmed, and I like the diversity of the workouts every day. I did a HIIT routine on Monday, an arm routine yesterday, and tonight, it's all about them legs. I end up smiling, despite myself, during these workouts. Cassey's energy is infectious and I want to do well for both me and her. The routines are in no way easy, and sometimes they do get a bit repetitive, but I always feel like I've gotten a good, very, very sweaty workout after I'm done. Each day's routine is from about 40 mins to an hour long and targets a different part of the body. It's fun and tough, all for the price of free, something a gym membership won't get me. Suck it, gym-bros (but if you like gyms, that's cool, you do you, chase your bliss and live in your truth).