Woman Crush Wednesday: Lorelai's Generation

The girls of Gilmore Girls get a lot of love for being strong female characters, but for the next two months, I'm going to talk a bit about some of the secondary ladies who are just as deserving of our affection. This month, I'm tackling Lorelai's generation. 

Sookie St. James

It always surprises me that people only discovered how awesome Melissa McCarthy is in the last 5-7 years when I've known for 15 years. Apart from the Gilmore girls themselves, Sookie is easily one of the highlights of the show. A chef, a mother, a business partner - she plays a lot of roles and puts up with a lot of nonsense (mostly from Lorelai, to be honest), but does it with a cheerful smile and a clumsy bounce in her step. Sookie has a way of lighting up the room and her character development (especially her relationship with Jackson) is one of my favourite random Gilmoreisms. I'm so stoked that Melissa filmed a cameo for the revival - it wouldn't be Stars Hollow with Sookie!

Mrs. Kim

She might not be the nicest person, but Mrs. Kim cracks me up. Yes, she's very strict and makes Lane's life difficult, but she has her daughter's best interests at heart, even if she's a little misguided. And she does ultimately loosen her grip on Lane, who ends up marrying a musician instead of getting locked up in a convent or whatever. Plus it's funny to watch how a disproving glance from Mrs. Kim knocks some respect into everyone she meets (including Jess)! And we can't forget that her unemotional attitude helps her shrewdly conduct business - how else would an antique shop survive in a town as small as Stars Hollow?

Emily Gilmore

Emily "Queen of Sass" Gilmore is a goddess. She can be just as overbearing as Mrs. Kim and sometimes makes questionable decisions, but she does it with such style and grace. She's an elegant lady with a sarcastic streak as broad as her daughter's, and, though her meddling ways does break up with a relationship or two, she usually admits that she's wrong, even if it pains her to do it. As angry as I am with Emily for breaking up Luke/Lorelai in season five, she has a lot of endearing moments in the earlier seasons (I can't remember her story arc in seasons 6/7). I love watching the way her relationship with the girls develops over the series and I'm excited to find out how that relationship changed over the years.