A Podcast Recommendation: Doctor Whodlums

As a new Doctor Who fan, I'm at that stage where I both need to consume as much Whovian material as possible but also can't get too deep into the fandom because I'm several years behind. And I just happened to stumble upon a podcast that gives me my fix AND lets me control how much is spoiled (to a certain extent): Doctor Whodlums

Hosted by Chelsea Christer and Zen Zenith, these self-titled Whodlums tackle episodes from the rebooted series. Among their opinions on storylines and characters, the two also create an episode-based drink - like a banana daiquiri for "The Girl in the Fireplace", in honour of the Doctor accidentally inventing the drink in 18th century France - and things can get a little tipsy. 

I haven't listened to all of the episodes yet because I’m not caught up on the actual show, but it’s been fun hearing their takes on the episodes I have seen (especially the episodes I loved). They provide fun facts and tidbits, and try to stay away from anything too spoiler-y, while occasionally going off on random tangents. 

They haven’t posted a new episode since early 2016, but since I don’t think there was a new Doctor Who season last year, it makes sense...and it means I still have time to catch up on a few more seasons before they record anything new!

You can check out Doctor Whodlums on Twitter and Facebook!